Guest rooms at Guisachan Guesthouse

Guisachan Guesthouse has 17 guest bedrooms:

  • 2 single rooms
  • 7 double rooms
  • 5 twin rooms
  • 1 triple room
  • 1 small family room for three
  • 1 large family room for four

The guest rooms are located in the main house and also our annex at the rear of our plot with Rooms 1-15 situated in the main house whilst Rooms 21-24 are in the annex.

Two of our rooms, 4 (twin) and 15 (small family) have ensuite bathroom with a shower above the bath.  One single room (11) is ensuite whilst the other (10) is a single room with separate private shower room.  All other rooms have ensuite shower rooms.

Use the contact form on our Contact Us page for more information about our rooms.