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Check-in is from 4pm until 10pm. If you expect to arrive later than 9pm, please call to let us know on +44(0)1397 703797.

This form is solely for the use of guests booked to stay at Guisachan Guesthouse who have had their booking arranged through a third-party agency.  It is not required for those who have made a direct booking at Guisachan Guesthouse as we will already have access to your information.

In order to comply with new requirements as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic we have introduced this form of electronic registration for our guests, so that your check-in is as smooth as possible, and we are more able to adhere to social distancing guidelines for the safety of all guests and staff.

We apologies for any inconvenience, however we hope that when you do stay with us, it will be comfortable and relaxing.