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Steall Falls closeup

Glen Nevis and Steall Falls is one of my favourite places, being very near to us in Fort William and also being very beautiful and peaceful.  Glen Nevis is one of the first places we discovered when we moved to Fort William and is a great place to go if you just want to see some fantastic mountain scenery or if you want to be more energetic.

The road along Glen Nevis is approximately seven miles long, and takes you past the foot of Ben Nevis.  The River Nevis winds its way along Glen Nevis and at some points is a wide, slow moving river and at others is a raging torrent.  The Lower Falls is a first stopping off point if you are travelling by car or bike with the river tumbling over a small precipice and under the road bridge.  From there, you can walk up the side of the river to a small wooden footbridge over a steep sided gorge and onward to the end of the road where the path to Steall Falls starts.

Steall Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Scotland and is an impressive sight as you walk through the gorge and out into the wide area of meadow.  There is a steel cable bridge for the more adventurous which takes you across the river and allows access to the waterfall.  Be careful though as the ground is very boggy on the far side, and you may lose your boots!

On a sunny day the meadow is a fabulous place for a picnic, but if you want a bit more you can continue beyond Steall Falls toward Corrour Station some 15 miles distant.



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